Saturday, 19 March 2011

if you haven't watched this trilogy then your missing out

you must watch "back to the future" one to three 
the reason i wanted to post this is because the other day me and a friend of mine were driving and i quoted this movie and he didnt know where it came from so we watched all three movies today and he thought they were amazing so i wanted to make sure no one was missing out

ill just leave this here... 

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Black ops review

if i have this blog i think i might as well try posting on it
so ill start with the campaign. I think the fact that most people skipped and headed straight for the multi player is sad because how much fun i had with the offline of this game. The coolest thing about it is that the game play is changed up so much it gos normal fps to a game that includes fun missions where you could do anything from driving a motorcycle to flying a helicopter.

    Nazi zombies, i know theres people that think its garbage but when its 2 in the morning and your on wave 30 with a couple a pals it can get pretty intense. The thing i really like about it is how you can pack a punch guns it makes the game feel so more playable

   multi player was ruined for me personally because i loved mw2s system of titles, emblems and camos i found the money system gave me nothing to work for and took a toll on the playability for me. The game play was fun but i got bored after prestige 5 but iv got at least a full week of in game game play. I do have fun playing wager matches but again even though you gain money for winning i dont get any feel of accomplishment from it.

so that covers it and over all id say an 8/10 is suitable